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  • I’m a home repair pro

    I'm a home repair pro

    A HOME repair specialist and TikTok user shared some strategies for saving money at Home Depot. Twin brothers Jim and Dave Schuelke co-own the company Twin Home Experts, as well as a TikTok account with the same name, 2 Twin brothers and home repair professionals Jim and Dave Schuelke share tips on TikTok 2 Damaged […] More

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  • Democrats Will Be Shocked and Horrified. – Investment Watch

    By Wayne Allyn Root Everyone has heard about the terrible, tragic Texas school shooting. As usual, Democrats see this as an opportunity to blame guns…and Republicans. They will demand gun bans, strict gun control and gun confiscation. So what else is new? This tragic shooting is just more proof that we live in a country […] More

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  • Peony 5-Stem Bouquets Only $9.99 at Trader Joe’s

    pink peonies at trader joes

    Head to Trader Joe’s for spring savings! Head on in to your local Trader Joe’s where you may be able to score these Peony 5-Stem Bouquets for just $9.99! These large blooming flowers come in a variety of colors, but keep in mind availability will vary based on location. Fully bloomed, these flowers are super […] More

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  • Delta’s OER initiative reaches new milestone

    Delta's OER initiative reaches new milestone

    A Delta College initiative to save students money and provide free access to course materials has reached a new milestone. Since 2016, Delta’s Open Educational Resources initiative has saved students a total of $1 million in textbook costs. OER are textbooks and other course materials that are licensed Creative Commons and are freely available online […] More

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  • Here’s how much money those power-saving tips really save

    Here's how much money those power-saving tips really save

    As the cost of electricity rises, many New Zealanders will be looking for ways to reign in their power bills. But how much do tricks like turning appliances off at the wall and taking shorter showers really save? Research shows some of our most common power-saving exercises make little difference and others, like washing the […] More

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