#FASuccess: The Benefits of the Flat-Fee Structure with James Osborne

Welcome back to the 94th episode of the Financial Advisor Success podcast. This week’s guest is James Osborne. James is the founder of Bason Asset Management, a solo advisory firm based in the Denver suburbs that oversees...

3 reasons to include index funds in your 529 plan

1.    Low costsCosts matter. With index funds, you’ll generally pay low fees and keep more of your money.Index funds have low fees because they don’t pay fund managers for their research time and expertise,...

These ETFs Were Hit the Hardest During the Stock Market Rout

Stocks have been sliding since Oct. 3, not just the past two days. These ETFs have taken the brunt of the sell off. View the Original Article

These ETFs Held Their Own During the Stock Market Rout

Not all ETFs got pummeled during the stock market sell off that began on Oct. 3. These funds saw their returns pop. View the Original Article

Unraveling a global active bond fund’s return

http://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/vanguard.vo.llnwd.net/o1/EXT/IIG/FAS/4003_IC_Podcast_October_2018.mp3TranscriptLula Tadesse: Regardless of the type of fund you invest in, knowing how a fund achieves its performance is information worth knowing. This is even more so when it comes to global active bond...

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Age Affects Social Security Benefits

As longevity increases, waiting longer to receive benefits may be the better option for many clients. View the Original Article

Five Reasons Why Stocks Are Selling Off Now

By Justina Lee (Bloomberg) --U.S. President Donald Trump can blame more than just the Fed for the recent market sell-off. It was the perfect...

How Smart Are You About Investing in Gold?

Many clients think that investing in gold makes them more secure. But does it? Whether their questions are about owning gold through...

Help Women Take Control of Their Long-Term Care Risk

Female clients have a higher risk of needing and providing care for a loved one, due to longevity. View the Original Article

The Most Actively Traded ETFs

The most actively traded ETFs as of 10/8/2018. View the Original Article

Volatility strikes back | Vanguard

When volatility returned to global stock markets in early 2018, headlines cast this statistical concept in its familiar role as investors’ most fearsome enemy.But volatility may be getting a bad rap. It’s not a...

Six Things That Should Interest Advisors From FinovateFall 2018

This year’s FinovateFall conference in New York had some interesting surprises wealth managers will want to keep track of. From advances in artificial...

Five Tips for Donating to Political Candidates or Organizations

All citizens have a fundamental right to participate in the political process, whether it’s expressing your political opinions or making contributions to...
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