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  • Investing Insights From Grandpa Louie and $50 Tomatoes

    Every time I see recently planted tomato plants, I get misty-eyed. It reminds me of my grandpa Louie. This Saturday marks the 40th year of his passing. I think about him often. He was a kind, gentle and wonderful man. Grandpa Louie holding me when I was 7 days old. Grandpa Louie and I loved […] More

  • Democrats Scorched Earth Policy – Investment Watch

    by Martin Armstrong Hillary Clinton is using the tyrannical Mar-a-Lago raid to sell merchandise. Clinton began promoting “but her emails” clothing only a day after Trump’s personal residence was stormed. That seems to be a quick turnaround time considering everyone claims the raid blindsided them. She is blatantly bragging that intelligence agencies never came after […] More

  • Small Businesses’ Big Message For The Markets – Investment Watch

    by jessefelder Back in December, I wrote, “Considering the fact that the majority of investors are still betting on a transitory outcome, there could be some fireworks in the asset markets should they eventually be forced into an inflationary epiphany. Furthermore, what may exacerbate those fireworks, particularly in the stock market, is an earnings recession amid the […] More

  • Why Biotech Will Have a $3 Trillion Impact

    Technology is unique in that it can, for lack of a better term, cheat. Tech can use discoveries from another field to push itself forward. A great example is the automotive industry. It took the idea of lithium-ion batteries from small smart devices and applied it to electric vehicles (EVs). That boosted the entire EV […] More

  • Roku’s Ad Arsenal & Great Stuff Gets Personal

    Fade In To You Great Ones, I want to hold the hand inside you. I want to trade the stock that’s true. I look to you and I see you trading Great Stuff Picks. I look to you and see the truth. Dude, Mazzy Star on a Friday? How depressing. But if you’re saying what […] More

  • best stocks to buy in august 2022

    Best Stocks to Buy in August 2022

    Stocks rose again today as the S&P 500 had its fourth positive week in a row, gaining 0.6%. The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) rose about 0.5% and Nasdaq 0.7%. That being said, the best stocks to buy in August 2022 will see much greater returns. Is the bear market run finally over? Is this […] More

  • Biden’s White House has gotten so bad that actual banana republics are looking down at us… – Investment Watch

    Biden’s White House has gotten so bad that actual banana republics are looking down at us… – Investment Watch

    President of El Salvador bashes US government over FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. “ The leader of El Salvador chided the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, rhetorically asking what the United States would say if he did something similar.” BIDEN DOES HIS BEST BANANA REPUBLIC IMPRESSION: The United States isn’t a banana republic. It is doing quite […] More

  • How Relative Strength Predicted This 1,737% Winner

    We looked like any other couple at the restaurant. He was in a nice suit. I was in a dress. It was our first date. But at the end of the night, we wanted different things… He wanted a second date. I wanted an introduction to his supplier. This was one of my first undercover […] More

  • Restoring State Pension Transparency In Rhode Island

    Restoring State Pension Transparency In Rhode Island

    Republican candidate for Rhode Island State Treasurer James Lathrop is pledging to restore pension … [+] transparency. James Lathrop James Lathrop is a Republican candidate for State Treasurer in the state of Rhode Island—a state which has long been dominated by Democrats. Most notably, Gina Raimondo, currently serving as U.S. Commerce Secretary began her career […] More

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