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  • The words are you ready are on a running track's surface.

    Are you ready to move from saving to the stock market?

    Once you become aware of how much money can be made in the stock market, you may reasonably be itching to jump in. Don’t do so until you’re really ready to do so, though. Here are three signs that you’re ready to take on stock market investing. See how many of them you can check […] More

  • 5 Stocks to Supercharge the Stock Market Comeback!

    In today’s Quick Takes, I’m taking to the charts to look at five candidates to help you supercharge what I believe will be a huge bull run in the next few months. The broader markets just experienced five straight down days. And I’m even more bullish than I was before this decline. How? I’ll explain in […] More

  • Investment U

    Nike Stock Forecast: Is Nike Stock a Buy?

    I played sports competitively growing up. This included football and basketball high school teams, an AAU basketball team that played nationally and football at the University of Miami. Unless things have changed dramatically in the few short years that I’ve been off the fields and courts, Nike has an absolute stranglehold on the psyche of […] More

  • Investment U

    AQN Stock Forecast – Investing in a Sustainable Future For Everyone

    AQN stock is one of the few opportunities to offer high growth potential and a rewarding dividend to investors. Investing often comes down to choosing between more risky, higher growth assets or less risk and more predictable cash flows. AQN has the ability to change that, offering an attractive dividend and an expanding portfolio of […] More

  • Investment U

    REGI Stock Forecast – What You Need to Know

    REGI stock investors saw massive returns in February 2021, only to see them evaporate throughout the rest of the year. As the demand for cleaner fuel alternatives continues to skyrocket, companies like Renewable Energy Group (NASDAQ: REGI) are starting to see their profits grow. There have been numerous challenges in the past few years. The […] More

  • Equal- vs. Market Cap-Weighted Portfolios in Stock Market Crashes

    Equal- vs. Market Cap-Weighted Portfolios in Stock Market Crashes

    Introduction Diversify, reduce fees, avoid active trading, and keep it simple. Most investors would be well-served by following the above framework. But while easy to recommend, this rubric is rather difficult to implement. For example, how does an investor diversify in 2021? Over the last 40 years, a simple equity and bond portfolio did a […] More

  • The pace of the economic recovery is starting to decelerate…. Buffett sells stock for third quarter in a row – Investment Watch

    The pace of the economic recovery is starting to decelerate. Our work also shows a link between the risk of serious stock market corrections and slowdowns in economic growth. More details here: — Lakshman Achuthan (@businesscycle) August 6, 2021 Nervous S&P 500 traders bet that the market’s best days are behind it […] More

  • tesla stock red car

    Tesla Stock Analysis: Should You Buy Tesla?

    Tesla tends to be quite divisive. Some investors and consumers love the company, while others refuse to go near it. Of course, feelings do matter in the investing world, but we simply want to take an objective look at how Tesla stock is doing. To do that, we’ll take a look at some key performance […] More

  • betting on draftkings stock

    Should You Invest in Draftkings Stock?

    In May of 2018, New Jersey won a landmark court case in the Supreme Court. This victory repealed a long-standing ban on states’ rights to legalize sports gambling. Since then, the floodgates have been open for states to legalize sports betting. This has given rise to Draftkings stock and other investments. In just two short […] More

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