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  • What’s The Outlook For The Housing Market?

    What’s The Outlook For The Housing Market?

    (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) Getty Images Key Takeaways Housing sales have fallen for the ninth consecutive month, with transactions down 28.4% compared to this time last year. Average prices have also come down, hitting $379,100 compared to $413,800 in June. It comes as mortgage rates continue to rise rapidly, hovering around 7% from below […] More

  • A Bear Market Revolution Years in the Making

    Markets are rife with things everyone “knows,” but aren’t really true. For example, everyone “knows” that put options go up when prices go down. But, like anything in markets, there’s much more to it than that. Most new traders assume all options are priced correctly because they assume they’re direct derivatives of the stock. But really, options are commonly overpriced. If you […] More

  • Just Another Bear Market Rally

    The stock market had its best day in over two years last week. Nearly a 6% rally in a single session. Even back during the bull market, a move like that would be an outlier. Today, it seems like a miracle. That move came because of a slightly lower inflation number than expected. The Consumer […] More

  • A Peek Behind the Market Maker’s Shoulder

    Many traders make a dangerous assumption about options contracts. Because they’re derivatives of stock prices, a lot of people think options are priced “automatically” based on how the stock price is moving. This just isn’t the case. There are tons of factors that can lead to options mispricing – typically the kind of mispricing that […] More

  • “Trickle-Up Pain” Is Coming to the Stock Market

    Inflation has always been a problem. It’s just usually a quieter problem. For most of the past decade, inflation has been at 2% or lower. Barely enough to notice it. Consumers were blissfully unaware about inflation or how it worked. These days, it’s a universal talking point. With the Consumer Price Index persistently above 8%, […] More

  • Does This Line Signal a 16-Year Bear Market?

    Rarely will you see me give any real credence to any fundamental market metric. Company P/E ratios, earnings per share, free cash flow… These just don’t factor in to my trading style. I’m far more interested in where the money’s moving in the short term, and none of those stats can tell me that. But […] More

  • Billionaire Investor Ron Baron Sees ‘Big Opportunities’—And Remains Bullish On Tesla—Despite Market ‘Chaos’

    Billionaire Investor Ron Baron Sees ‘Big Opportunities’—And Remains Bullish On Tesla—Despite Market ‘Chaos’

    Veteran investor Ron Baron speaks to a crowded audience at the Met during the 2022 Baron Investment Conference. Baron Capital Despite a brutal year for the U.S. stock market so far, billionaire money manager Ron Baron and his many retiree investors were undeterred as they gathered for the Baron Investment Conference last Friday. With nearly […] More

  • Batter Up! Kings 1, Market 0

    Trading the market is a lot like being the manager of a baseball team. Hear me out… First off, both trading and baseball is a marathon – not a sprint. As traders, we can’t let one single trade made or break us. We need to compound winner after winner, all the while making more on […] More

  • 10X in Today’s Market – Banyan Hill Publishing

    Here’s the 3-1-Q. 3 insights, 1 word for you to ponder and 1 question for you to jump-start your week… 3 Insights… No. 1: [Chart] Holding a Stock Long-Term for 10X Carl Icahn bought $3.6 billion of Apple stock and sold for a $2 billion profit. Not bad? But if he hadn’t sold, he’d be […] More

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