When you have to relieve yourself really badly, it doesn’t matter if you’re the presidential dog — you just need to find a quiet place and take a leak.

That’s the takeaway from the hilarious episode involving French President Emmanuel Macron and his black Labrador-Griffon cross, Nemo. 

A video by French TV TF1 that went viral on Twitter shows Nemo calmly urinating in the fireplace and walking away as Macron attempts a conversation with three members of government. 

“I wondered what that noise was,” says the junior minister for ecology, Brune Poirson, as the group erupts into laughs. 

“He is doing something quite exceptional,” replies Macron, somewhere between entertained and embarrassed. 

Julien Denormandie, junior minister for planning, cheekily asks Macron: “It happens often?”

To which the president replies laughing: “No. You have triggered a totally unusual behaviour in my dog.”

It’s a French tradition for presidents to have a “First Dog” in the Élysée Palace. 

Nemo comes from the SPA animal refuge in Hermeray. He cost the president around $300. 

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