Eleven-year UBS veteran Brett Oley knew that he eventually wanted to be an independent financial advisor and planned to move within the next 10 years of his career. But he did what many would consider unthinkable: At age 35, with a new baby at home and $90 million in AUM, he started his own practice with independent broker dealer Raymond James Financial Services. Sixteen months later, Brett and his partner, Ryan Kinser (who joined him in May 2018) are thrilled to be business owners and excited for what the future holds for them. Today Oley Kinser Concierge Wealth has grown to $125 million in AUM and is continuing their upward trajectory.

So, what caused Brett to accelerate his move to independence by 10 years? He shares that and more, including:

  • Whether his business was “big enough” to make a move to independence worthwhile.
  • Why he made the leap from employee to independent business owner.
  • Why he chose Raymond James as his partner.
  • What his transition experience was like.
  • How his clients reacted to the news of his move.
  • And so much more.

While making the leap was scary, for Brett the prospect of staying with in a firm that no longer best served his business and clients was even scarier. In the words of Charles Darwin, “It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.” And Brett and Ryan’s willingness to change is leading them to great success.

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